There are poems
inside of you
that paper can’t
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Dan Coombs, The Ball, 2011

"I hate responsibilities and will turn down even the ones I want" - 6 / 3 / 14

The rarest of the rare: a men’s magazine advocating hairy armpits on women.
Often it is easy to let an obsession, or passion become so routine and everyday, that you forget what your true emotional attachment to it is. It becomes something so ordinary. So much is it common knowledge that I’ve even started to become referred to as the ‘Bowie girl’ in social circles. But every so often, when the ‘idea’ of Bowie is lifted, the ideology of Bowie is stripped away like a misty veil over my vision, and I accidentally find my self staring into space for several minutes, locked eyes with a poster across the room, and it hits me in a subtle, soft, almost orgasmic kind of way. And I remember why I am so attached to this messiah figure, all these emotions flood over me like the crescendo of a song, and I smile to myself and know that what I feel is very real, and that I should probably go blast some Bowie right now! 

parting glances is like fraiser but gayer with steve buscemi in

and thats why i love it

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Gustav Klimt’s ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer’ has been brought to life in Aquilano Rimondi’s SS11 collection.

Detail from GODDESS Spring 2015 look book